We prioritise sustainability across all aspects of our business as we recognise that as humans, our most important connections will always be to the Earth, Air and Water.

From Carbon to food production and waste, we drive sustainability consistently challenging each one of our processes to be as efficient and sustainable as possible.

Business ethics and integrity are essential for a sustained planet.
Food safety is our priority

Energy Efficiency

We reduced our energy usage and carbon footprint in 2021 through Invest NI’s Energy Efficiency Capital Grant Scheme. The grant helped us to identify opportunities to improve our sites energy efficiency. We’ve been able to purchase a new system to help us better monitor and control our energy outputs, and install equipment to recover and re-use waste heat from our refrigeration plant. This has led us in the past year to save over £16,000 and 200,000kWh in energy savings along with reducing our carbon emissions by over 50 tonnes.


Food Waste

Our fruit waste consisting of skins and cores is sent to a local anaerobic digester instead of a landfill site, the waste is then broken down to produce biogas which is a versatile renewable fuel. This avoids climate-damaging methane emissions being released in to the atmosphere and carbon is saved through the displacement of energy from fossil fuels. The residual material from the anaerobic digestion process (biofertilizer) is also used instead of fossil-fuel derived fertilisers, giving further carbon savings.


Armagh GAA
Food safety is our priority

Environmentally Friendly

All outer case packaging is made from recycled cardboard. All pots contain a minimum of 70% recycled content with the majority being made from 100% recycled PET. We are committed to reducing waste and will ensure nothing is wasted and whatever is left is either reused or recycled.