Our procurement team put an enormous effort into sourcing only the highest quality produce to ensure the quality of our finished products is of an exceptional standard.

Over many years we have developed long-lasting relationships with trusted suppliers in many parts of the world.

Global G.A.P

Following the Sun: Sourcing the Freshest Fruits Year-Round

Different fruits require different climatic conditions, and can only be grown in certain regions. We follow the sun from the North to the Southern hemispheres to source the freshest, tastiest produce at the peak of their season ensuring we have continuity of supply for 12 months of the year.


Where our Fruit varieties are sourced from

We carefully source from many different countries around the globe

Armagh GAA
  Fruit Variety Countries
Apples UK, France, Belgium South Africa, Chile
Grapes Peru, South Africa, Chile, Greece
Melons (Watermelon, Honeydew & Cantaloupe) Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras
Pineapple Costa Rica
Mangos Peru, South Africa, Israel, Egypt
Kiwi Italy, Greece, Chile
Pomegranate India


Food safety is our priority

Food safety is our priority

Business ethnics and integrity are essential for a sustained planet.

We make sure all our raw materials are only sourced from suppliers who understand, practice and embrace our values of fair, sustainable, and transparent sourcing.

Respecting human rights and social practices, environmental protection and traceability.